SmART Steps


SmART Steps; CYT Stairwell on Early June

What is the project?

Using our stairwells as a “living lab,” this project combines public artwork and applied research to study the relationship and benefits public art exhibits and workplace health. This project seeks to transform the stairwell experience by lifts 3, 13-15, and 17-18 through two different types of visual arts installations, including those led by faculty and students.  We will then assess whether the installations result in shifts in positive and healthy behaviors.


What is the problem this project is trying to address?

Healthy and active lifestyles are keys to alleviating stress and promoting a sense of well-being.  Taking the stairs is an easy and convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but many of our stairwells are inconvenient and visually unappealing, making them an unattractive option for members of our community.  


How does this project support our sustainable smart campus as a living lab vision?

Cutting-edge research on art in the workplace, health care institutions, and public spaces shows that visual and multimedia arts enhances productivity, reduces interpersonal conflict, and promotes a sense of well-being. Nature scenes, soothing sounds, and art can have restorative effects in a university otherwise known for stress & tension.


What’s next?

Sensors and artwork will be added to the stairwells in the Spring 2019 and then the results will be evaluated to determine the behavioral impacts.