Blockcerts for ARO and DSTO


Project lead: Samuel Kwan & James Prince

Blockchain will be applied to student transcripts, underpinning the development of tools for students to create CVs


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Electronic Price Label for Souvenir Shop


Project leader: Michael Lee

Replacement of paper-based labels in the HKUST Souvenir Shop with adaptive, electronic full color labels


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Facial Recognition for Library Services

Project leaders: Samuel Kwan, KT Lam, & Edward Spodick

Facial recognition software to be implemented for Library access and book checkout


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Pulse of HKUST

Project leader: Huamin Qu

Data-driven online platform for communicating campus stories and data, and enhancing social cohesion within the HKUST community


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Smart Lunch Kiosks and Mobile Pay System

Project leaders: Yang Wang & Yongli Mi

Temperature controlled “smart lockers” integrated with mobile payment technologies to improve efficiency during peak dining hours


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Smart Mini-grid of 100% Renewable Energy


Project leaders: Tianshou Zhao

Demonstrate a 100% renewable energy power system on campus with a mini-grid composed of solar panels and an innovative e-fuel energy storage system.


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Smart Mobility: Indoor Navigation and Bus Queue Analytics


Project leaders: Gary Chan

Employ WiFi sensing and machine learning analytics technology to understand the current waiting time and level of people at our bus stops and create Path Advisor 2.0 to discover one's current location in real time on campus.


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SmART Steps


Project leaders: Kellee Tsai, King Chow, & Anna Kwong

A broad “arts belt” comprising static and multimedia installations that extend throughout the campus to enhance productivity and promote wellbeing


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Upgrading the Pond Water Treatment System 

Project leaders: Yiu Wing Ha, Allan Leung, & Vincent Wang

Revitalization of the Chinese garden (pond) with modern filtration systems to achieve a healthy pond ecosystem


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USThing Extension


Project leaders: Kar Yan Tam

The extension of USThing services will include electronic version of student card, chatbot and serve as a centralized platform for different IT services and tools.


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