Co-Creating a Sustainable Smart Campus: STUDENT PAPER COMPETITION

About the Competition

Students travel to campus for more than just lectures; it is a place to exchange ideas, make friends, enjoy meals, chill out, and engage in all the things that make campus life memorable. The campus is the centerpiece of the student experience.

With that in mind, creating a Sustainable Smart Campus is the key to enabling the kinds of student experiences that make HKUST special. This new competition is a way for you to contribute!

Have you ever spotted areas of need that can be improved by a new technology, redesign, or management approach? Are you ever frustrated by “dumb” features of the campus and wish they could be smarter? Do you ever think about how our campus can turn into a sustainable smart campus of the future?

Now's your chance! Focusing on the campus landscape, buildings, facilities, mobility, learning spaces, or support services, we challenge your creative minds to come up with innovative and people-centric solutions by integrating technologies and sustainable concepts. We strongly believe that every student should be given the chance to contribute towards making the campus a green, innovative and energizing place.

Be our partners. Your ideas matter.



All UG and PG students are eligible for participating in the competition.


Evaluation Criteria

All papers will be assessed based on the following three criteria-

(a) Significance of Problem - problem that is identified and well-defined with empirical observation

(b) Novelty of Solution - solution that is original and creative in addressing the problem

(c) Feasibility of Implementation - solution that is technically feasible and cost efficient



Submission Details

The competition is divided into 2 categories: Individual and Group (max 4 people).

You are required to write an idea paper* to provide innovative solution with smart and sustainable approaches to a problem identified in the campus.

Submission deadline: 28 February 2020 (Friday)

*1000 words for individual submission and 1000 words for group submission

*Multiple Submissions are welcome

All submitted papers will be reviewed by the Sustainable Smart Campus (SSC) Committee. The shortlisted finalists from each category will be invited to give a presentation on the Pitch Day. The awardees will be announced on that day.


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Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline          28 February, 2020

Review Process                                March, 2020

Announcement of Results                    April, 2020



The winners will receive a HK$2,000 cash award for individuals and HK$2,000 for groups. In addition, we will match you up with an appropriate faculty or staff to give you advice and consultation to help advance your idea into an SSC project. To learn more about the SSC projects, please visit