Smart Lunch Kiosks and Mobile Pay System 


What is the project?

This project intends to combine an intelligent mobile phone app with a food storage system of kiosks in order to provide more food options.  The app will connect users with food providers, while collecting other behavioral, nutritional, and user analytics to provide a better and healthier customer experience. 


What is the problem this project is trying to address?

It appears that our lunch lines are getting longer, and the kiosks for ordering food in our canteens often take even longer than the human cashiers.  Further, there is little information about the food served in the canteens, including nutritional value or its ecological footprint.  


How does this project support our sustainable smart campus as a living lab vision?

The combination of the mobile app and food kiosks will generate data of the services provided to be collected and analyzed according to KPI parameters, such as per capita consumption index. The project will generate data for big data analysis, such as quantitative personal food consumption and preferences. The data will help the canteen modify its strategy, improve performance, and increase its sustainable indicators (e.g., food waste and sustainably sourced produce).


What’s next?

An FYP team will learn the high-tech based business model and help develop the smart phone based apps specializing in student feedback and needs. Another FYP team will coordinate food supply and delivery and promote the system to the community. In the Summer of 2019 new kiosks will be installed as part of the Catering Master Plan. Eventually, lunch boxes with smart features such as a smart pick-up system involving the student's smartphone can be set up in designated areas.