Process if Projects are not Selected

Only projects selected by the SSC Core Committee will be offered funding and implementation support. Projects not selected may still have some available options:

      If the project is not fully developed or is missing some of the key criteria for evaluation by the Core Committee, the project team can apply for a development grant from VPRDO to help support further R&D and refinement of the project idea. If selected, the support will be available for up to one year. Afterwards, the team will be eligible to resubmit the project proposal for the next round of funding.

      Projects short-listed by the Core Committee will be invited to present at an open and public pitch day. The Core Committee will then collect feedback and then make final decisions on funding.

o   Selected projects will be allocated funding and will go forward with the implementation of their projects on campus.

o   Projects not selected will have the option of applying for R&D funding through VPRDO, or refining their project proposals based on the evaluation feedback and resubmitting at the next round. 



Figure 2: Project Evaluation and Selection Flow



End of Project Life

Selected projects are expected to have a maximum two-year project cycle. Afterwards, projects may:

1.     Be extended by the approval of the SSC Committee, if the Committee determines there is compelling justification;

2.     Be expanded as a part of a new SSC project that has been accepted by the Committee;

3.     Turned over to the appropriate HKUST administrative unit (FMO, CSO, ARO, etc) if they are willing to adopt the effort as a part of their ongoing scope of work; or

4.     Be decommissioned and removed from the campus. Project proposals should include these costs in the budgets so that the end-of-life considerations are covered.