Coordination and Oversight

The implementation of SSC projects will be coordinated through HKUSTs GREAT Smart Cities Institute (GSCI), in collaboration with the HKUST Sustainability Unit (SUST) which will report directly to the senior management and the University Administrative Committee (UAC). Prof Hong Lo, Director of GSCI, is charged to be the academic lead and Davis Bookhart, Head of SUST will be the administrative coordinator to support this initiative.


To ensure wide visibility and engagement with our community stakeholders, GSCI and SUST will coordinate promotional efforts and support the organization of campus-wide competitions to engage the campus community to champion new ideas.


The identification of projects and selection will be made through the SSC Committee.


SSC Committee

Membership of the SSC Committee:



Hong Lo, (Chair)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Davis Bookhart, (Secretariat)


Wilson Chan (technical expertise)

Facilities Management Office

Kevin Tam (behavioral expertise)

Social Science

Samuel Kwan (IT expertise)


Anirban Mukhopadhyay (education expertise)


Gary Chan (liaison to EC and KTO)

Knowledge Transfer Office


Terms of reference of SSC Committee:

      Set the rules and administrative framework for the SCC, including timelines, criteria for eligibility for project funding, and process guidelines for evaluation, selection, and support for selected projects.

      Invite members of the HKUST community (students, staff, faculty, alumni, and HKSUT partners) to submit project ideas for consideration for SSC funding.

      Evaluate project submissions, and determine whether the projects meet the established criteria and can be shortlisted for next stage evaluation. Evaluation will focus on the technical aspects and also the reasonability of the funding requests.

      Schedule open and public pitch day presentations featuring the shortlisted proposals and solicit feedback from attendees and members of the HKUST community

      Make final decisions on which project proposals to receive SSC funding.


The SSC Committee will coordinate with other professional staff and faculty on task-by-task basis, including PAO, DAO, and student representatives.


As projects are further developed, it is anticipated that some will require additional support from University operations offices (e.g., FMO, ITSC). These ad hoc teams will be assembled as appropriate to help ensure a smooth development and installation process on campus.


Figure 1: Coordination Structure